Butterfly iQ probe compatible with Hypernova Chronos

Butterfly iQ ultrasound probe is compatible with Hypernova Chronos

Over the last decade, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has increased fourfold as an aid to traditional examination techniques in the diagnosis and management of patients. The advent of smaller devices with improved picture quality has spread the use of ultrasound across different hospital departments. This has excelled further with Butterfly iQ’s innovation in providing a faster, easier, and affordable option to provide patient care with the world’s first one-probe-whole-body portable ultrasound system.

Recently, Butterfly iQ shared that their ultrasound probe is compatible with Chronos for High-Level Disinfection (HLD). Chronos also leads innovation, as the only chemical-free and ultrafast UV-C High-Level Disinfection technology. Both Chronos and Butterfly iQ bring different innovative solutions to cost efficient workflows and improve patient care, each in their scope of expertise: an affordable and highly mobile point-of-care ultrasound solution and a Faster, Simpler, and Cleaner HLD system.

Butterfly iQ and Chronos are an affordable, innovative solutions for a seamless workflow

The Butterfly iQ innovation combines the functions of linear, curvilinear, and phased array probes in one lightweight body. This feature makes it a unique and highly effective solution for POCUS environments.

Instead of switching probes of different frequencies (with a risk of cross-contaminating each of them along the way), changing between the frequencies (depth of scan) is through selecting the function on a smartphone or tablet screen.

The versatility of one-probe-whole-body reduces cross-infection risk. Only one probe per patient needs to be disinfected which is achievable with a quick disinfection turnaround time!

Butterfly iQ Compatible with Hypernova Chronos

Chronos is designed for seamless high-level disinfection workflows that combine a faster 90 second cycle time with a simple one push button process. This drastically provides a quick turnaround time by simplifying the process of HLD, and ensure a reproducible disinfection cycle every time with digital tracking. In a word, Chronos reduces the possibility of operator error and makes compliance with HLD easy.

Chronos’ chemical-free operation also makes it ideal for POCUS and an affordable option as there are NO other running costs or added costs in purchasing, storing, and handling consumables. All that is needed is an electrical connection.

Chronos, Designed for Cleaner High-Level Disinfection

Butterfly iQ compatible with Chronos High Level Disinfection

With No harsh chemicals, UV-C light is non-corrosive to the sensitive plastic polymers found on ultrasound probes and cables. This is why the length of the probe cord can also be high level disinfected within Chronos. This compares well with harsh chemical methods used so far that are corrosive and can potentially damage probe materials, cause glue disintegration and result in premature cosmetic wear of the device.

The chemical-free operation safeguards staff and patients by avoiding hazardous chemical burns, fumes, and spills, and no chemical residuals are left on the probe after disinfection. Thus, Chronos provides a safe and environmentally friendly examination room that is ideal for POCUS.

Probe Compatibility Testing

Given their size and vulnerability, ultrasound probes are among the most expensive and sensitive pieces of equipment used in medicine.

This is why GERMITEC has a proactive approach to this matter. Apart from strict internal procedures to determine the compatibility of Chronos with various types of ultrasound probes, GERMITEC closely cooperates with probe manufacturers across the globe to acquire their approval for its usage.

For further information on ultrasound probe compatibility, please contact Germitec for a comprehensive probe compatibility list.

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