GE Healthcare Ultrasound Probe Compatibility with Germitec UV-C High Level Disinfection

GERMITEC receives compatibility approval from GE Healthcare for current ultrasound probe portfolio

GE Healthcare declared an additional 70 ultrasound probes compatible with GERMITEC, manufacturer of a chemical-free and ultrafast UV-C High Level Disinfection (HLD) technology.

To find out which GE Healthcare ultrasound probes are approved, refer to the online compatibility list and select Antigermix or Hypernova Chronos

Note: “Approved with restrictions – Contact your GE representative”:  means that some discolorations may happen with some probes, but this does not affect probe function, performance, or safety.  

GERMITEC Probe Compatibility has over 1000+ probes approved

GERMITEC has tested more than 1000 ultrasound probes from numerous world-known manufacturers, (PHILIPS, SONOSITE, SIEMENS, BK, MINDRAY, SAMSUNG, CANNON, HITACHI-ALOKA, ESAOTE, SUPERSONIC IMAGINE, BUTTERFLY iQ, GE HEALTHCARE…).

The list is regularly updated as the number of our clients grow, and more probe manufacturers come in touch with our technology.

GERMITEC eagerly awaits working with new players in the expanding Point of Care Ultrasound Market. Together providing a better and safer working environment in probe disinfection at point of care.

In the meantime, GERMITEC looks to the future of the constantly changing market of medical devices and its needs, taking steps to be the very best of what the industry has to offer.

Sonosite Transducer HLD inside Chronos Chamber

For further information on ultrasound probe compatibility, please contact Germitec for a comprehensive probe compatibility list. Contact Now

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