ASUM2022 Conference

Germitec Exhibiting at ASUM 2022 Conference

Germitec is excited to be back Exhibiting at ASUM 2022 Conference 16-18 September in Adelaide.

Visit us at our booth No:8  to find out how Chronos and AE1 can help you maximise patient throughput and to improve quality patient care, which is a key reason why medical teams are turning to Germitec. Germitec is leading the way in seamless ultrasound probe High Level Disinfection that is chemical free, fully automated and ultrafast.

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  2. Meyers C, et al. (2017) UVC radiation as an effective disinfectant method to inactivate human papillomaviruses. PLoS ONE 12 (10): e0187377 Medicine. 2017;20(1):30-40.
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