Climate change is a global health threat!
Help protect our planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

The global healthcare sector is responsible
for ~5% of global net emissions.

The carbon emissions emitted from the worldwide healthcare sector is more than over 500 coal-fired fire stations combined! As part of the COP26 Health Program, over 50 countries worldwide have committed to work towards developing carbon neutral healthcare services.

The emissions associated with the manufacturing, supply chain and disposal of consumable products purchased ongoingly each year accounts for a significant share of a hospital’s CO2 footprint.

The major healthcare organisations worldwide have planned to reduce their net carbon emissions by making environmentally friendly decisions whilst considering economic viability. One of the changes proposed to achieve this is by looking to reduce waste of consumable products, switching to low carbon alternatives and encouraging energy conservation.

As a manufacturer of automated high level disinfection devices, Germitec can completely support the healthcare service to have a stronger focus on waste reduction to significantly help lower environmental impacts. Our disinfection devices require no ongoing consumable products and are manufactured with our overall carbon footprint in mind.


Environmental benefits of No Chemicals

UVC is an extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly disinfection method because:

There is no requirement of any ongoing consumables
  • Significant reduction in constant manufacturing / packaging /transport / waste
  • No single-use plastics/ disposables/ materials
  • No single-use chemical wipes
  • No ongoing contribution to waste (packaging and disinfection wipes)
No chemicals – UVC is a dry method of disinfection
  • No environmental chemical pollution risk 
  • No risk of chemical burns or allergic reaction to staff = reduction in the strain on occupational health services
  • No requirement for dedicated storage space for hazardous chemicals with a chance of explosion
  • No requirement to use protective glasses
  • No requirement to disinfection only within a ventilated room.
  • No requirement for a dedicated eye wash station
  • No requirement to purchase / replace probes that have been damaged due to chemical contact
  • Significant reduction in the requirement of single-use PPE (Gloves, Aprons, Masks) as no handling of chemicals
  • No use of Water to pre or post-rinse the probe as there is no risk of chemical residue
  • UVC components are recycled, reused or disposed of in accordance with WEEE directive to help with our overall sustainability plan
  • UVC light consumes a small proportion of energy
  • Reduction in the contribution of overall ongoing waste (domestic, clinical and offensive waste)
Improved Operating Environment
  • Low heat operational temperature
  • No chemical aerosols in the room
  • No risk of chemical exposure to staff
  • Fast solution for high level disinfection which helps improve workflow and increase patient throughput

Environmental benefits of UVC

The Germitec Chronos and Antigermix E1 systems are the only high-level disinfection systems for the decontamination of ultrasound probes that are chemical-free, automated and significantly reduce consumable waste/storage.
UVC disinfection is an excellent alternative to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to delivering more eco-friendly patient care whilst still using the only automated HLD that is proven to kill HPV.

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