Local Distributors

If you want to learn more about Germitec High Level Disinfection systems or have any questions, please call your local distributor, or fill in this form and one of their experienced team members will be in touch shortly.

For Australia
Contact Us
Ph: 1300 DEVICE (338 423)
Ph: +61 3 8512 8535
Website: www.device.com.au
For New Zealand
Contact Us
Ph: 0800-656-239
Website: www.obex.co.nz
For Singapore
Contact Us
Ph:+65 6100 5060
Website: www.eo.com.sg
For Hong Kong
Contact Us
Ph:  +852 90280246
Website: www.konnetgroup.com
For Malaysia
Contact Us
Ph:  +852 90280246
Website: www.dmsgrp.com


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