Philips Ultrasound Probe Compatibility Approved – Germitec Chronos

GERMITEC's Chronos receives Ultrasound Probe compatibility approval from Philips

Philips has announced that new and current Antigermix AS1 ultrasound probes portfolio can be safely disinfected with Chronos, the latest innovative, chemical free and ultrafast UV-C High Level Disinfection (HLD) technology.

The announcement puts GERMITEC in the position of being a preferred method for providing a reliable, safe, cost-effective, and chemical-free process of High-Level Disinfection (HLD) throughout medical departments worldwide.

There is a new level of confidence as even more clinics and physicians uptake the Chronos system, with Philips now on board.

Philips leads the probe market to be first in many ways

In the light of recent events, many health care providers have stressed that portable ultrasound and fast disinfection solutions are playing a very important role in their efforts to tackle the COVID-19 disease crisis.

On May 13th, Philips became the first company in the industry to receive FDA clearance for the use of its ultrasound portfolio to manage COVID-19-related lung disease and cardiac complications.

Indeed, Philips handheld and portable ultrasound solutions have become valuable tools for clinicians treating COVID-19 patients due to their imaging capabilities and portability.

The commitment in probe compatibility testing between GERMITEC and Philips is set to continue allowing customers to share the benefits of each other’s technology and optimise the quality of patient care.

GERMITEC Probe Compatibility has over 800+ probes approved

As for the internal compatibility procedure, GERMITEC has tested more than 800 ultrasound probes from numerous world-known manufacturers, (SONOSITE, PHILIPS, BK, MINDRAY, SAMSUNG, HITACHI-ALOKA, ESAOTE, SUPERSONIC IMAGINE, GE HEALTHCARE,). The entire list of specific probe types and manufacturers is available on request.

The list is regularly updated as the number of our clients grow, and more probe manufacturers come in touch with our technology.

GERMITEC eagerly awaits working with new players in the expanding Point of Care Ultrasound Market. Together providing a better and safer working environment in probe disinfection at point of care.

In the meantime, GERMITEC looks to the future of the constantly changing market of medical devices and its needs, taking steps to be the very best of what the industry has to offer.

Chronos High Level Disinfection

Probe Compatibility Testing

Given their size and vulnerability, ultrasound probes are among the most expensive and sensitive pieces of equipment used in medicine.

This is why GERMITEC has a proactive approach to this matter. Apart from strict internal procedures to determine the compatibility of Chronos with various types of ultrasound probes, GERMITEC closely cooperates with probe manufacturers across the globe to acquire their approval for its usage.

For further information on ultrasound probe compatibility please contact Germitec for a comprehensive probe compatibility list.

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