Ultimate Customer Experience in Ultrasound Probe Disinfection with Hypernova Chronos

Emergency Department

Customer Experience in Reprocessing Ultrasound Probes using High Level Disinfection in Emergency Departments

Dr Genevieve Carbonatto – FACEM, Dip Obs, Dip Paed, CCPU
Emergency Physician and educator in ultrasound courses and workshops targeting Emergency doctors at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Discusses her experience in reprocessing ultrasound probes using High Level Disinfection (HLD) in Emergency Departments

How did you HLD your Ultrasound probes before the Hypernova Chronos?

  • Used a Hydrogen Peroxide Device then moved to Chronos. An ideal solution as we have 280 presentations per day. For us, it was a “game-changing device.”

How has the Hypernova Chronos streamlined your HLD workflow, thus improve patient care?

  • We can now effectively cleaning and disinfect our probe faster to improve quality of patient care.

What would you consider three key benefits of the Hypernova Chronos?

  • “Ease of Use”
  • “Speed of which it disinfects”
  • “Uses No chemicals at all”
  • “These are huge benefits for us”

Do you disinfect your probe between every patient or just the probes classified as semi-critical or critical?

  • “Yes, disinfect the probe between every patient. From my point of view, you don’t know what viruses or bacteria the patient has on their skin as we have all types of patients that come into our Emergency Department.”

How would you set up a workflow in reprocessing ultrasound probes in a busy emergency department?

  • All probes are disinfected in the morning.
  • During the day, whoever uses the ultrasound machine cleans and disinfects the probe ready for the next patient
  • There should be a device in all 3 areas – High Acute resuscitation patients; Acute Patients and Non-Acute patients (early pregnancy, dialysis, abdominal pain, etc.) As they require a lot of scanning.”

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